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Nerraw Halcyon
Other Possessions
breather mask, ascension gun, Adzam 6-XM
Physical Description
Nerraw is approximately 5'11". He has green eyes and wears his dark brown hair short.  He is clean shaven.
Psychological Description
Although Nerraw has been a Jedi Master for three years he does not currently have a padawan learner.  As a Jedi of the Halcyon line, Nerraw is an excellent pilot and spends most of his time serving the Republic as an ivestigator, cruising the galaxy in the cockpit of his personally designed, custom built Adzam 6-XM.  This private vessel can support a crew of up to 5, it can also be effectively utilized by only the Jedi Master.  Primarily used for transport and investigation, its weapons are modular and can be removed or installed in a manner of minutes.  Its defensive shields however, are fully integrated and therefore extremely
difficult to disable. 
How does this character fit into the story?
As an investigator, Nerraw has been called before the council and requested to join the team of Jedi dealing with the situation.
Mark Warren  
September 24, 1982
Guartho's House of Stuff