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Brundaw Pav
light-claymore: a lightsabre with three focused beams in a line, making a wide blade; offensively, not more affective than a lightsabre, but its wider blade makes it better for defending against blaster bolts  
Other Possessions
a small, heavily armed ship with big engines and room for little else, armored breastplate, and astromec droid
Physical Description
a tall human; he has long, dark red hair in two-foot braids and a braided beard; he is not particularly muscular, but he is well built; he is 6'5" and 240 lbs.
Psychological Description
Brundaw, while not a Jedi Knight, is skilled in the use of Force; he is even tempered and rational -- byproducts of his Jedi training; he holds a grudge against an organization he believes is evil, the Jedi Council
How does this character fit into the story?
Brundaw Pav is the founder of the The Shadow Hunters; he is not a bounty hunter himself, but seeing the possibility to rise to power, he founded the guild in hopes of combating the Jedi
Zach Garwood  
March 24, 1983
Wombat World