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  • When you become a member, do not immediately send an e-mail to the list.
  • An e-mail will arrive with the name of the character who is to respond in the Subject line.
  • If you are that character, reply adding your character's reactions to the story.  Put the name of the character who you want to react in the Subject line.
Scematic of Bespin

Lamda Class Shuttle Scematic


Rebel Alliance
  • You may not have more than one character.  It is not fair to the other players.
  • Do not use vulgar language.  If your character absolutely must curse keep it down to "hell" or "damn".
  • Do not use explicit sex.  It may be mentioned or referred to, but do not go into detail.
  • Do not abuse the list to send announcements.  Use it only to continue the story or, if you must, use it to send comments referring to the story with 'Comment' in the Subject line.
  • You may not take control of someone else's character; you cannot make any important decisions or actions for another player's character.  You may make them do unimportant actions (gasping, sitting down, looking at an object), but do not do anything drastic (suicide, fainting, attacking somebody).
Death Star


X-Wings Flying to Death Star

Snow Speeders Attack an AT-AT
  • Play your character as that character would act; it makes the story easier to understand if the characters react normally.
  • Make your additions to the story brief.  Only go into detail about the setting or objects within the immediate area or that are important to the story.
  • Give your opponents and allies an opportunity to react to situation.  You shouldn't write such things as "My character kills another," but things like "My character attacks another with a lightsaber," is O.K.