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What is

Star Wars
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The Star Wars Role-Playing Game is an e-mail based game.  Each player chooses a character from Star Wars.  Staying within the bounds of the Star Wars universe, each player acts as if they were that character.  One player submits his portion of the story and it is sent to the other players.  The next player then adds to the story with their reactions, and the game continues thus.
This role-playing game will follow a certain storyline:
Star Wars: 
The Shadow Hunters

Nearly two hundred years before the extermination of the Jedi and the disbanding of the Jedi Council, the Republic calls on the peace-keeping body for assistance:

Recently a new guild of bounty hunters, known as "The Shadow Hunters", has set up a headquarters on the remote planet Sett.  This planet's lack of sentient inhabitants and lack of placement on many astral charts has made it an ideal place for their hideout. However, the Republic knows much more about the guild than the bounty hunters think.  While bounty hunting is not illegal, this new guild is closely watched by the Senate.  Moreover, when Senator Remply Dorgasto is assassinated and the main suspect is Drem Pag, a member of "The Shadow Hunters", the Republic becomes even more conscerned. 

The Senate calls upon the Jedi to investigate the matter.  Jedi Master Yoda, leader of the Jedi Council, sensing some sinister evil behind "The Shadow Hunters" guild, calls together some of the best Jedi Knights and holds a meeting of the Jedi Council to discuss how to proceed with the situation... 

For more information see the Instructions/Rules/Suggestions page.  If you would like to join the Star Wars RPG, see the related page.  There is a list of chosen characters.